Dr. Catherine Grytting

Catherine Grytting specializes in assisting individuals in the process of growing whole. She opened her healing/teaching practice in 1997. Her doctorate, from Seattle University, includes the study of spiritual healing and a certificate in transforming spirituality.



2000-present Healer/Spiritual Director/Psychic, HEART Healing Art Center, Seattle
1997-2000 Counselor/Healer/Spiritual Director, HEART Healing Art Center, Seattle
2001-2012 K-8 Music Teacher, St. Matthew, Seattle
2000-2003 Adjunct Professional, Antioch University, Seattle
2000-2001 Third Grade Teacher, Villa Academy, Seattle
1978-2000 K-8 Music Teacher, Villa Academy, Seattle


Clients have made the following comments:

Dr. Catherine Grytting

"From the very first meeting on she gracefully guided me into my sacred inner spaces allowing me to feel the healing presence of the Divine at work. She opened my eyes to the huge transformation that was taking place in my life and then encouraged me to honor the transformation and celebrate it joyfully. Energy healing work that I participated in with others under her guidance has increased my awareness of the flow of energy in my own body and in others allowing healing to continue daily throughout my being. My heart is filled with gratitude for her healing touch on my life." – A.N.

"Thank you always for your continuing guidance/companioning in my journey/adventure!! I am so fortunate to have met you [and] to have gotten to know you." – M.O.

"Your intuition is so open and clear, your compassion so connecting, your commitment to supportive companionship so complete." – C.H.