Dr. Grytting facilitates workshops and retreats on many topics, including energy healing, meditation, creativity, spirituality, emotional intelligence, teacher trainings, parent education, and the arts. To learn more, contact Dr. Catherine Grytting at info@catherinegrytting.com.


Workshops provide active engagement with the subject being explored. They range from brief, 45-minute introductions to immersion experiences that last for several days. When you schedule a workshop, I consult with you to design activities to match your desired outcome. The cost for each workshop varies according to the number of participants, the length of the workshop, and the amount of additional expenses.

Upcoming Workshops

Energy Healing into Practice. Fall, 2018. HEART Healing Art Center, Seattle, WA.

Recent Workshops

If you are interested in attending an upcoming workshop or planning a workshop specifically designed for your organization, please contact Dr. Catherine Grytting at info@catherinegrytting.com.


Strength and inspiration can be found by retreating into the stillness that quiets the mind. When we remove ourselves from the intrusions of worldly chaos, we can access dreams and visions. When you schedule a retreat, I work closely with you to design an experience that meets your needs.

Recent Retreats