Energy healing evolves from several traditions, including Indian Ayurvedic medicine and healing techniques practiced in the Philippines. Although each individual responds differently, people generally report a sense of relaxation combined with increased vitality.

Balancing and stimulating the energy field strengthens the body’s healing mechanisms, reduces pain, speeds physical healing, supports emotional well-being and fosters psychological health. Energy work complements traditional medical care. After experiencing a session clients have made the following comments:

"I had no pain all weekend." – K.R.

"When I started seeing colors [during the session] I knew I wouldn't die." – E.K. (cancer)

"My heart is filled with gratitude for her healing touch." – A.N.

Long-distance sessions are available. Fees are determined by a sliding scale and range from $100 to $140 (your choice) for a 50-minute session. To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Catherine Grytting at