The spiritual journey is unique to each individual. At the same time, it follows patterns that are common to all. Spiritual counseling is not therapy. Rather, it is a process that provides assistance, insights and affirmations that gently probe the depths of soul.

Through dialogue, clients explore the various facets of their lives and access their own inner wisdom. Clients describe the effectiveness of this work with comments such as these:

"I knew you would have some insights. Now I know what to do." – T.M.

"Your ability to describe and help me articulate what happened is invaluable." – C.H.

"I came to Cathy during a particularly sad and dark time in my life. Cathy gently, prayerfully and lovingly led me out of this place with a variety of strategies and mental tools. I emerged a woman with a greater depth of self knowledge and confidence in my ability to navigate the future. She will forever remain one of those people I will look back on and remember what a difference she made in my life." – M.C.

Long-distance sessions are available. A 50 minute session costs $150. To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Catherine Grytting at